Peter King on MSR: “What a good idea for a book”


If there were a Mt. Rushmore of NFL reporters and analysts, Peter King of Sports Illustrated surely would make the cut.

Peter is one of the most plugged in and trusted people covering the NFL, and his Monday Morning Quarterback column was so popular SI decided to spin it off into its own website. The MMQB is refreshing in its commitment to longform stories and taking a unique approach to the NFL’s biggest stories – all a reflection of King.

Peter KingPeter visited with Brian last week, and he published several questions from their chat. Here’s what Peter wrote:

“What a great idea for a book.

“As anyone who has tried to find real-world sports books for young readers can tell you, the pool is not very deep. That’s why I was pleased to see veteran sports writer Sean Jensen and former Bears great Brian Urlacher collaborate on a rare Young Adult Sports Biography (that’s the Amazon term for it, I think) called “The Middle School Rules of Brian Urlacher.” It’s about Urlacher’s formative years in New Mexico. Urlacher and I spoke about the book the other day.”

Check out the questions and answers by clicking here. But what you can expect are insights from Brian about the challenges in his childhood.

Photo Credit: The Big Lead

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