Purchase an Autographed Copy

The Middle School Rules of Brian Urlacher can be purchased at retailers, such as Wal*Mart and Barnes & Noble, and online and via your favorite e-reader sites.

But due to popular demand, you can also purchase a signed copy by me but not Brian.

I will personalize, write a short message of encouragement and sign each copy. But be very specific about the name, with the correct spelling and exactly what you want, i.e. first and last name. If you just want me to sign it with no personalization, then specify “signature only.”

Each signed book costs $17, which includes a $2 shipping and handling fee.

– Sean Jensen

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BroadStreet Publishing is thrilled to announce the second installment of The Middle School Rules series.
The book highlights the lessons Charles learned attending 11 different schools because his father was in the Army, the challenges he overcame in school and the keys to helping turn his Texas high school into a football powerhouse.