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Meet Sean Jensen

Sean Caricature

After he was adopted from South Korea, Sean Jensen’s first American Dream was to…join the Professional Bowlers Association.

Seriously. He was in a league and everything.

But a kid named Neil was better than he was, so Sean shifted his focus to tennis… then baseball… then basketball and soccer. Despite an obvious passion for sports and even some modest athletic success, Sean realized a future in the NBA or Premier League was not dubious.

So Sean continued to play sports, he delivered sports (actually, he was a carrier for the Boston Globe), and he analyzed sports for his high school newspaper. On many Fridays, after school, Sean would call the phone number (yes, he was in high school before email) listed under the columns written by Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser of the Washington Post. He’d ask them about what they wrote. He’d ask them about what they were going to write.

And he asked them who was going to win the Super Bowl, Final Four, World Series, etc…


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BroadStreet Publishing is thrilled to announce the second installment of The Middle School Rules series.
The book highlights the lessons Charles learned attending 11 different schools because his father was in the Army, the challenges he overcame in school and the keys to helping turn his Texas high school into a football powerhouse.