MSR at Barnes & Noble at The Galleria

Check out some of the highlights of the MSR book event sponsored by the Asian American Journalists of Minnesota at the Barnes & Noble at The Galleria in Edina!

Meet Me at the Barnes & Noble in Edina April 4th

When I speak at schools, students often ask me when I’m going to write my own story. I’m not entirely comfortable focusing on myself because, well, I’m not sure many people are actually interested! But on Tuesday night, at the Barnes & Noble in the Galleria (Edina), I’ve been asked ..Continue Reading

Fox 9 shares story behind Middle School Rules

Flattered and humbled that Fox 9 would share my story in creating The Middle School Rules. The piece is terrific but lots of good stuff, naturally, gets left out. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my wife Eric, my publisher Carlton Garborg and our entire BroadStreet Publishing team. ..Continue Reading

Nominate an #MSRMVP to win prizes

You know the stars: Brian Urlacher, Charles Tillman, Skylar Diggins and now Jamaal Charles. But each of them will tell you about the unsung heroes — the teachers, coaches and mentors — who were key to helping them overcome challenges and setbacks in pursuit of their dream. Brian had Coach ..Continue Reading

Reaction to knee injury, including by Charles Tillman himself, reflective of his reputation

Injuries are inevitable in the NFL. But the third-quarter knee injury Charles Tillman suffered had many people anxious. Durable for most of his career, Charles was only able to play in 10 games in 2013 and 2014 because of injuries. Besides, he’d already been playing through a partially torn ACL ..Continue Reading

MSR of Charles “Peanut” Tillman is available today

Today is the day! The Middle School Rules of Charles Tillman​ is in stores, at many Walmart​ and Barnes & Noble​ locations, as well as online at​,, and Google Play. You can see some insight on what inspired me to start this series by clicking here. But if ..Continue Reading

WGN: “This is not your ordinary book penned by a sports star”

Chicago’s own WGN aired a lengthy “Cover Story” on Middle School Rules of Brian Urlacher on May 27. In describing the project, Emmy winner Tom Negovan said, “This is not your ordinary book penned by a sports star.” The piece was reported by Rich King, a Chicago native who is a ..Continue Reading