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You know the stars: Brian Urlacher, Charles Tillman, Skylar Diggins and now Jamaal Charles. But each of them will tell you about the unsung heroes — the teachers, coaches and mentors — who were key to helping them overcome challenges and setbacks in pursuit of their dream. Brian had Coach ..Continue Reading

Check out the Middle School Rules animated video

This video explains why moms want their kids to read The Middle School Rules… Why mom’s (and dads) love Middle School Rules and why you migh…What do the numbers 31, 3.10 and 50 have in common? Charles Tillman! Charles is the co-author of Middle School Rules and (though injured and ..Continue Reading

Introducing The Middle School Rules of Charles “Peanut” Tillman

After the successful launch of The Middle School Rules of Brian Urlacher in February, my publisher Carlton Garborg and I brainstormed potential athletes to partner with on book No. 2 in the series. We’d already engaged in discussions with some notable athletes, some of them in other sports. But one ..Continue Reading

WGN: “This is not your ordinary book penned by a sports star”

Chicago’s own WGN aired a lengthy “Cover Story” on Middle School Rules of Brian Urlacher on May 27. In describing the project, Emmy winner Tom Negovan said, “This is not your ordinary book penned by a sports star.” The piece was reported by Rich King, a Chicago native who is a ..Continue Reading

Sharing my passion for storytelling and writing

Publishing The Middle School Rules of Brian Urlacher has yielded many blessings – and surprises. Among the most pleasant surprises has been the invitation to speak to students about my first book. I’ve visited a dozen schools, providing a handful of different messages to students of varying ages. One school ..Continue Reading

Peter King on MSR: “What a good idea for a book”

If there were a Mt. Rushmore of NFL reporters and analysts, Peter King of Sports Illustrated surely would make the cut. Peter is one of the most plugged in and trusted people covering the NFL, and his Monday Morning Quarterback column was so popular SI decided to spin it off ..Continue Reading

Feature on MSR from KRQE 13 in Albuquerque

I had the pleasure of speaking to Kim Vallez, a reporter and anchor for KRQE 13 in Albuquerque, where Brian went to college. You can check out her piece by clicking here.  

Brian discusses MSR with former teammate Pat Mannelly on 670 The Score

Brian visited with his longtime Bears teammate, Pat Mannelly, on Jan. 30. Mannelly, the longtime long snapper, has the distinction of being the longest tenured member in franchise history. He’s currently co-host of a midday sports talk show on 670 The Score.  You could notice the chemistry between Brian and ..Continue Reading

The launch of Middle School Rules

When my wife and I had our first child, I bought a fancy new camera, and I proceeded to take at least a couple of pictures of Elijah every day for three-plus months. When my wife and I had our second child, I still owned a camera… but the daily ..Continue Reading

Why I developed Middle School Rules

My wife Erica and I try to read to our kids every day. Sometimes in the morning, often in the evening, always before bedtime. When they’re babies, of course, parents pick the books, so we can expose them to colors, animals, etc… But as a child grows, he or she ..Continue Reading